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‘Choosing Thomas’

You can blame Joel and me for making you endure this remarkable piece. I am glad he recommended it because it’s a good example of a well-organized visual presentation with several elements. Admittedly, it is not as complicated as the … Continue reading

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An interesting view of where we are

This isn’t new, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it. Are we “going forward to the past”? I have to admit, I worry a lot about this problem of the public not knowing how to judge when/if information is … Continue reading

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What’s your theory?

Michael Koretzky has a column on the Huffington Post that you really ought to read. He says college journalists are “good at consuming multimedia journalism but bad at making it.” I would love to hear from you about whether this … Continue reading

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That’s just, like, your opinion, man.

I think PolitiFact is a great idea, well executed. And boy, do we need it. But then, I am not a politician. Because if I were a politician, I would be impolitic. (Of course I would.) Politicians hate PolitiFact. They … Continue reading

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Killed by a lack of context?

The New York Times reports today about a CNN senior editor for Middle Eastern affairs being fired for a Tweet about a Hezbollah leader whom she said she respected. The editor, Octavia Nasr, said: “Sad to hear of the passing … Continue reading

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Is this you?

Does this describe you? I’m just curious.

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Oh, so it turns out it’s Dave’s fault

Former Miami Herald columnist Dave Barry takes the blame for the demise of the newspaper industry (not dead yet, btw). Mostly, this is just funny. But I wonder if he might not just be right about the lack of business … Continue reading

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Between a blog and a hard place

“And if you dumped every reporter who ever sent a snide message or talked smack in private, there would be nothing but crickets chirping in newsrooms all over America.” Continue reading

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