Is this you?

Does this describe you? I’m just curious.

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14 Responses to Is this you?

  1. Hannah Wiese says:

    When I first read this, I wondered what the methods were for conducting the survey. I wanted to see what the methods were. How were the questions worded, how was the survey distributed, were participants randomly selected- my stats teacher would be proud. For example if the participants weren’t randomly selected but got to the survey through the Oxygen media, then the results could be biased towards those viewers.

    The fact that one-third of women check Facebook first thing in the morning shocked me when I first read it. Then I started thinking about my morning routine and how I usually roll over and check my phone for missed called or texts when I wake up. I guess this is sort of comparable to checking Facebook to see if anyone had tried to contact me while I was asleep. Still I can’t imagine taking the effort to fire up my computer and log on to Facebook until I’ve at least put my contacts in and brushed my teeth.

  2. Mallory Benedict says:


    I do go to the bathroom first…for the record.
    Oh, and of course I check the Missourian website before facebook.

  3. This article had me laughing all the way through… especially since I am one that usually checks Facebook in the morning along with my email and the New York Times/Missourian websites. Its not the first thing I do, but unless I am in a hurry, I will check recent pictures friends put up or check my wall. However, I don’t use it for anything more than to keep in touch with friends that I know already. I wouldn’t call myself an addict, but I do check it a lot.

  4. Krystin A. says:

    No. The first things I do when I wake up is check the Columbia-Missourian website and the New York Times, obviously.
    Facebook comes after my cereal.

  5. Sara Cox says:

    Agreed Krystin! It is interesting that a third of women check Facebook immediately after they wake up. But the results are really not that surprising.
    I think the “57% say they talk to people more online rather than face-to-face” sums up what the stats are all about. If over half of communication is done online, than of course people are going to be less concerned about their privacy (i.e. dating, kissing, photos taken while intoxicated).

  6. alyshalove says:

    While I’m still laying in bed waking up, I always check the USA Today app on my iPhone. The Weather Channel is second. I check the Facebook app last if I’m still not fully awake 🙂

  7. hml42c says:

    Facebook is never the first thing I check, but it’s definitely one of the first things I look at on my iPhone. I usually check my email first, AP news, the weather, and lastly Facebook.

  8. Sara Cox says:

    Hey! What about the dudes?

    • reedkath says:

      what about the dudes? This is about the dudettes.

      • Sara Cox says:

        Yes, indeed. But why not test the dudes on their dependency of social media? Would the results be at all similar? Typically girls tend to be more private than guys, but are social networks changing this?

  9. leeannelias says:

    The keeping tabs on “frenemies” bit really had me laughing – especially because, yes, I fall under that 58%. It’s a very “We Live in Public”-type experience: other people’s problems are just so much more interesting – especially when they just throw it all out there in the open.

  10. jenapoian says:

    The bit on “frenemies” is a gendered notion, promoted to support the girls-are-catty stereotype. I don’t think it needed to be included.

    Otherwise, I feel it’s understandable it’s one of the first things people look at in the morning. For one, I’m not exactly “in the zone” when I wake up, so a hard-hitting news story about something depressing isn’t something I want to read. Waking up is hard enough! I want stupid wall posts, a friend’s trip to Portugal photos and to write a status update about my cat. Maybe this fun, casual aspect attracts readers in the morning?

    • reedkath says:

      It’s a good point that you make about not wanting to start the day with a depressing news story, a habit in my life that sometimes puzzles me. (But I try not to wake up to NPR in the morning because then the first thing I hear upon waking tends to be about people dying in a car bombing somewhere, a sad fact about which I can do nothing). However, I do read a paper (and I do mean paper) with my morning coffee. I glance at the headlines, maybe read one or two stories in their entirety (unless they jump to a different section, as they do at the New York Times — curses on those people) and then dive into the Arts section for the movie reviews. I used to be a film critic, and old habits die hard. But it’s funny how on Fridays and Sundays I give myself a pass on that early morning dose of depressing news. The rest of the time, I willfully bum myself out.

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