An interesting view of where we are

This isn’t new, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it. Are we “going forward to the past”? I have to admit, I worry a lot about this problem of the public not knowing how to judge when/if information is reliable. I keep thinking about what happens to the public’s perception of the media when, say, a nice lady gets fired from her job because of a deliberate hatchet job (I am of course talking about the firing of Shirley Sherrod). I agree with those who think improving media literacy in the U.S. is very important. I think it’s crucial.

Anyway, we all have to do a lot better — as journalists and as citizens.

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  1. rsmp7c says:

    This has always been an interesting topic to me. I think the commentator is right, we take so many sources of information and subconsciously decide which to trust (well- bound books in the past) and which to be skeptical about (many blogs nowadays).
    When I was covering the Boone County Fair queen story-the one about the queen stepping down for “personal reasons,” this subject crossed my mind. We got word of several rumors about her personal reasons from different blogs and facebook. My job was then to call the director of the competition and ask her about what she knew about these rumors. I think that’s the important line that we have to make sure readers are aware- the fact checking with as many people as we can.
    The event involving Shirley Sherrod, like we said, displays in a frightening wake up call of the influence of blogs (in this case, conservative blogs) on our every day lives. I mean, a woman was fired based on what was posted on a blog?! Crazy to me. It’s still our responsibility to make sure we fully understand the gravity of our reports – whether we realize how much weight we have or not.

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