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How many people were there?

Glenn Beck says there were 500,000 people at his rally last weekend. CBS, which hired a company to take photos of the crowd and came up with an estimate, reported far fewer: 78,000 to 96,000. Is it important? Well, sure. … Continue reading

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Something old, something new

Tomorrow, we will talk about some ways to find information fast. I was hoping to be able to recommend to you the Poynter Institute‘s “Places To Go To Find News Fast,” but it is a bit outdated. Still, it’s probably … Continue reading

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‘Old’ and the beholder

We had a good discussion this morning in budget about age as the “frame” for this story about two women who are competing in the Missouri 340 canoe race. I thought the problem was the headline (“Age doesn’t deter Columbia … Continue reading

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How personal, er, social should you be on social media?

Jake Sherlock shared this with the summer session II reporters. It’s really useful. How much opinion should you be sharing with folks in your social network? Short answer: Don’t share anything that is going to get you fired, which is … Continue reading

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A new way of thinking about Facebook

We’re going to talk about Facebook as a multifaceted tool for communicating with audiences — and defining yourself as a journalist — very soon in class. Mashable did a great job pulling together all the issues for journalists on Facebook … Continue reading

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Welcome, fall semester reporters!

Hello, everyone. I hope you’re getting your feet wet on your new beat, whatever it is. I told my group of neighborhood reporters yesterday how important it is to just jump in and used my (terrified) downhill skier analogy. I’ve … Continue reading

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Some things should never change

It’s been a very good seven weeks — not always easy, I know, but good. We’ve packed a lot into this time, and we’ve seen a lot of good work on our site and in our pages. Congratulations. Keep up … Continue reading

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A question of ethics

A doctor gets sued for medical malpractice and falsification of records. A newspaper publishes a story. Another newspaper (ours) decides to wait for the doctor’s response in court, which will happen within days. Read the story and some of the … Continue reading

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Is Wikileaks journalism?

Rebecca Berg has an interesting column on our site about Wikileaks and classified documents. Reader Andrew Hansen asks whether Berg is correct in describing Wikileaks as journalism. What do you think? And does it matter what we call it?

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In your own words

The New York Times has a great piece today about the impact the Internet has had on plagiarism. Apparently, there’s a lot of reckless cutting and pasting going on out there in student land. …the tip-off to one student’s copying … Continue reading

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