Some things should never change

It’s been a very good seven weeks — not always easy, I know, but good. We’ve packed a lot into this time, and we’ve seen a lot of good work on our site and in our pages. Congratulations. Keep up the good work for the next three days.

It’s a pretty fluid time for the journalism industry, and for those of you who plan to pursue reporting of any variety with all the tools now at our disposal the future may seem unclear. Here’s what you can hang onto: Good reporting will always be important. Persistence is powerful. Trust your instincts when something seems weird (it probably is). Not giving up, listening carefully and paying attention will always pay off.

I watched All the President’s Men again last night and was, once again, cackling with glee at all those points in the movie when “Woodstein” (Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward) just refuse to be intimidated or worn down. But it all starts with a police item: a break-in. And when I watched for probably the fifth time this encounter between Woodward (Robert Redford) and a lawyer in a courtroom the morning after the break-in, I thought again: You go, man. This is how it begins: with curiousity, persistence and a good-natured smile.

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1 Response to Some things should never change

  1. Mallory Benedict says:

    I know the class is over, but I just watched this. I think there’s definitely some humor we can identify with being persistent to get the answers you need. He makes it look so easy!
    Often I would just have to tell myself, ‘just one more question, one more question’.
    I love this movie

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