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Finding a focus

Lately, I have led you on a hummingbird tour of 1) better leads; 2) better interviewing and 3) story framing. Yes, I realize we have alighted only briefly on all these subjects. There is a method to this, um, method … Continue reading

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Get a job (sha-na-na-na)

Mark your calendar. At noon next Monday, October, 4, several recently hired Missouri School of Journalism faculty fresh from The Chicago Tribune, the Bakersfield Californian and the Kansas City Star will hold a “brown bag” (that means it’s perfectly acceptable … Continue reading

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Healthy skepticism and a shout-out from Slate

A couple of years ago, I had this fireball of a student named Morgan Cook. She was smart but sometimes a little hard to control. For example, in reporting on the troubles some people were having at a local mobile … Continue reading

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A slice of ethics

Last night, a Trib reporter Tweeted that he saw Missourian reporters having pizza at a news event. It was being covered as a neighborhood news event, and I have no idea if what the Trib reporter said is true. What … Continue reading

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The right question

This week, we’re going to talk more about interviewing. There are many different kinds of interviews, and each requires a different way of thinking. We talked a little already about interviewing people in trauma and how important it is to … Continue reading

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Parts, parts and more parts

Brian Kratzer and I will be talking to you tomorrow about what makes multimedia good and how to plan for success. I learned something about this a few years back from the brilliant Jane Stevens, a big believer in storyboarding. … Continue reading

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A conversation about contiguity

Tuesday, we’re going to talk in class about what we mean by “multimedia” and what we hope to accomplish with the various tools at our disposal. Are we thinking in an intelligent way about all of the elements and using … Continue reading

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No, you really don’t understand

Tomorrow, we’re going to talk about interviewing people in breaking news situations and how to think on your feet. These situations are difficult, but perhaps the most difficult of all is interviewing a person who is grieving the death of … Continue reading

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Thinking on your feet

I love covering breaking news. I smile just thinking about it. I’m sure it’s the adrenaline rush and the competitive thing coming out: I just want to know everything before everyone else. And when I’ve reported a story, I’ve found … Continue reading

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