An extraordinary weekend

Josh Barone and Eve Edelheit drew a big shout-out from design dude Charles Apple on his blog Sunday. Great photo + lovely design = journalism at its best. Congratulations to everyone involved.

I want to add my own shout-outs to Ren Bishop and Kelsey Kennedy for their work on the shooting death of Aaron Hobson. This is a sad story that was well-reported.

On a happier note, Eva Dou and Kyle Deas’s post-game madness story was great reading.

Wait, I’m not done. Advanced reporting students Joan Niesen, Dieter Kurtenbach and Lenny Goldman apparently did not sleep all weekend. Go to the “Latest Sports” tab on our website and scroll down if you think I’m exaggerating.

I know I’m leaving people out. If you had anything at all to do with this weekend’s terrific coverage of all the news, consider yourself patted on the back. This is what it’s all about: video, slideshows, text, and one incredibly evocative cover photo.

We’ll talk in more detail tomorrow in class about this effort and what we learned.


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8 Responses to An extraordinary weekend

  1. Sean Leahy says:

    Great job by Eva and Kyle. Their story really captured the chaos of the post-game celebration.

  2. renbishop says:

    Thanks for the shout-out and compliment! What a great weekend to be a part of the Missourian and to be a Tiger!

  3. Dustin says:

    Love the ending of the Dou/Deas piece. Plus, “winner’s sidewalk” – classic.

    Great job to everyone this weekend.

    • reedkath says:

      I like the piece you did. Monday afternoon quarterback thought: Woulda been better if you’d had a partner shooting you in all these places.

  4. Ben Frentzel says:

    Go Eve! It takes a very attentive eye to catch moments like this. I totally agree with Apple. Running that picture large and getting out of the way was the best choice.

  5. The cover photo does jump out at you. Really great work, everyone! I’m trying to locate a copy but there are none to be found.

    Eva and Kyle’s post-game story was the first one I read on Sunday morning when I woke up. It does capture perfectly all the events which unfolded at the end of the game and after. I was at the event and at Harpo’s so I can’t say the story took me where I wasn’t, but it definitely let me relive the night’s events again, if just for a few minutes over my morning coffee. Awesome. MIZ!

  6. danramey says:

    I really liked the post game celebration article as well. I was outside Harpo’s for a little while during all the chaos and I thought the story captured everything that was going quite well. Good job Kyle and Eva.

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