Hey, you ink-stained wretches…

I had a good laugh over my cereal bowl this morning reading this classic piece of parachute journalism from the New York Times about Missouri’s victory over Oklahoma this weekend.

(Did Pete just call Missouri a speed bump? I believe he did, ladies and gentlemen.)

Without further comment, I urge you to read this piece. Just for laughs.


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16 Responses to Hey, you ink-stained wretches…

  1. EmokeBebiak says:

    I kind of love that he mentioned the J School in the lede!
    As if being a J student had anything to do with football…

  2. They have been a “speed bump” for the Big 12 poster boys for a long time. They’re a combined 63-143 against OU, UT and Nebraska.

  3. If this were a Facebook post, I would definitely click the “like” button.

  4. Kyle Deas says:

    I’m most amused by imagining the millions of people who, over their breakfast cereal, wrinkled their brows in vague confusion. Our reputation is well known inside the journalism community but not, I can confirm, outside of it.

    • reedkath says:

      Mmm, not so sure about your final assertion, Kyle. I met a physician recently who was a friend of my father’s, and he asked me where I lived and what I did. When I told him I taught at the University of Missouri, he replied: “Oh, Missouri? I hear Missouri has a great journalism school.” And my father proudly told him that’s what I teach. It’s not the only time it has happened, either.

      • Kyle Deas says:

        You’re right; my sample size is much too small for that kind of overbroad statement. I’ll just say that most of my family and friends responded with polite bafflement, rather than recognition, and I’ll bet a number of Times readers did the same.

      • Yeah, I would say that it extends outside of the community. I went to undergrad here as well, and lived on the east coast afterward. Anytime I talked about Mizzou, the only response I would get besides a haphazard nod was a mention of the j-school. Or Nelly when I mentioned St. Louis.

  5. Amy Backes says:

    Oy vey.
    I really enjoy how they don’t have any sources that are actually part of the football program currently.

  6. I especially like the part about us being ink-stained.
    I just pictured myself with hair all a mess, ink on my face and hands, looking up from a stack of newspaper looking puzzled- what’s football again?

  7. Amy Backes says:

    (Other than Pinkel’s one quote, of course)

  8. amrita88 says:

    After this weekend, I’m almost seriously considering going into sports journalism. There’s simply no better way to connect to readers! It was great reporting…..I read every little thing we wrote about, and I don’t even understand American football!

  9. Sean Leahy says:

    It’s a shame Mr. Thamel didn’t make it to Columbia for the game. I think this piece would have had a greater impact if he were there to witness the win’s importance in-person.

    As it is, I enjoyed the opening grafs. For years Mizzou football was an afterthought in the college football world, but now we have the opportunity to cover a significant shift in the program’s fortunes. It’s an exciting opportunity.

  10. kebedefaith says:

    “Luckily for Pinkel, there are plenty of Missouri graduates who will gladly chronicle the program’s fabled turnaround for him.”

    As much as I hate to admit it, he’s probably right. I sense he hasn’t had too many good experiences with Mizzou journalism grads. But yes, this did make me laugh.

  11. Caitlin Wherley says:

    I was impressed that the New York Times wrote an article about MU’s football program. And even better, it mentioned our J-School.
    The coverage this past weekend was awesome — not only in the Missourian, but in national news outlets as well. I watched the BCS Countdown Sunday night to find out our rank, and footage from our game was the main focus. Awesome.
    And by the way New York Times, I’m proud to be an ink-stained student. Even though we use computers now.

  12. Dustin says:

    Wow. Really? Improved defensive and offensive lines lead to success? Straight from the Department of the Obvious.

  13. arlxv8 says:

    Can’t say I disagree with Thamel about the lede (or is it lead?). Our j-school is great for sure, and up until Saturday MU’s program wasn’t even a speed bump to top tier competition as it was some rocks or gravel on a road. That’s a completely different topic, though.

    I enjoyed the article very much. I know we’re supposed to remain impartial, but it felt good to see our university (even though only the j-school and football team were discussed) get some national recognition, especially after the week(end) we just had.

    I’ve seen quite a few people post this article to blogs and social networking sites, and at least one j-school student has made a comment about the lede every time. Personally, my favorite part is the conclusion about how MU alums will “will gladly chronicle the program’s fabled turnaround for him.” That’s what j-school students should be excited about the most. I know I am.

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