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News flash! Cover letter gets student an interview!

Megan Cassidy shared her “before the makeover” cover letter in class this morning. We didn’t show you the rewrite because I was trying to cover so much ground too quickly. Here’s an excerpt: Dear Ms. ______, On an uneventful Thursday … Continue reading

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Laura Johnston talked in budget this morning about a project she’s been working hard on this semester called the CoMo You Know. Bottom line? You need to know about the CoMo You Know, a wiki-like tool that you can build … Continue reading

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Reading for ethics moment tomorrow

Apparently, I missed an interesting discussion on Thursday about the way the pronoun “ze”was used in this Vox story about freegans. Amanda will be back with us tomorrow morning to talk about the decision to use that pronoun. Should be … Continue reading

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You asked for it, you got it

A couple weeks ago, I asked you to let me know if you wanted me to devote a class to writing a killer cover letter. The response was a strong yes. So we will do that on Tuesday. I will … Continue reading

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In case you missed it

Last Thursday, I talked about traditional and newer approaches to sourcing. Here’s the PowerPoint from that discussion, which includes some links to sites I hope you will find useful. A couple of you mentioned tools you’ve used successfully. I’d love … Continue reading

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Seamless sourcing

Amanda Hinnant from the magazine faculty will join us in class tomorrow and talk about sourcing with depth and smarts, drawing on her experience in the magazine world. She sent this link to me from Esquire magazine and asked me … Continue reading

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Journalism of accountability

When Sandy Rowe was in our class a couple of weeks ago, she talked about the prize-winning journalism she had a hand in when she was at The Oregonian. She talked to the editors later that same day about what … Continue reading

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To be prepared is half the victory

Miguel Cervantes said that. But I have to pass this along, at the risk of sounding like a scold: I was at a favorite local restaurant last week and ran into a friend who gets interviewed a lot. He said, … Continue reading

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There are better ways to get attention

That last blog post on how not to get a job made something entirely clear to me: You all want more guidance about writing cover letters. As Rosie put it in her comment: In my opinion this is really important. … Continue reading

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