What a life, what a story

Here’s that post from last year about a great life story (one of the many I have read in the New York Times):

I didn’t know Violet Cowden. But now, I sort of feel that I do.

That’s the gift New York Times reporter Margalit Fox gave us with her life story about this female aviator who was part of the WASPs, the all-female unit that played an important role in World War II.

Look at how this story is constructed, especially how Fox draws the reader into the story, the historical context she provides and what she holds back.

What an ending!

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4 Responses to What a life, what a story

  1. Great story. Would love for my life story to have an ending like that!

  2. Jamie Hausman says:

    love the ending. so sweet.

  3. akoncki says:

    Love that! It’s cool how Fox focused the story on something so important to Cowden. Awesome ending.

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