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Got truth?

Lately, a debate has been raging about documentary film and the “line” between fact and fiction in some films of the last year, like Catfish. Working as a screener for the True/False Film festival, I saw several films that seemed … Continue reading

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Another perspective on Lara Logan

I’m guessing most of you are aware by now that a TV journalist was sexually assaulted while covering the protests in Egypt recently. The assault and reactions to it have received a lot of coverage, and I’ve been reading quite … Continue reading

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Getting it right, every time

Executive Editor Tom Warhover has designated this week “Standown for Accuracy Week,” a time to think (even more than we usually do) about the habits and practices of accuracy. You know by now that accuracy checking is only part of … Continue reading

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What do you notice?

I had framing on the brain when I read this story this morning on the front page of the Columbia Missourian’s sports section. (I can’t link to the story because it’s not on our site.) What do you notice about … Continue reading

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Ask it!

Today’s Q&A with Sgt. Jill Wieneke went really well. Those of you who had the chance asked good questions, and you elicited great stories from her. But some of you didn’t get to ask a question. This is your chance. … Continue reading

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More about hyperlinking

Nick Jungman has written a handy guide to hyperlinking that I would like you to read. Notice what he says about making it easy for readers to hit the link, and easy for them to predict what will be there. … Continue reading

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Thanks from Dean Mills

The publisher of the Missourian sent this note along to Executive Editor Tom Warhover and General Manager Dan Potter about our blizzard coverage: I’m relying on you two to relay not just my congrats but my admiration for the amazing … Continue reading

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