Ask it!

Today’s Q&A with Sgt. Jill Wieneke went really well. Those of you who had the chance asked good questions, and you elicited great stories from her.

But some of you didn’t get to ask a question.

This is your chance. What’s your question? What did you want to know that you didn’t find out?

Post your question in a comment.

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18 Responses to Ask it!

  1. Rachel Lijewski says:

    I wanted to ask her more about what other kind of undercover investigations she did other than narcotics. I also wanted to know what she would say is the best part of her job right now. Everything was really interesting!

  2. kelseyannlife says:

    My question for Sergeant Wieneke is: You talked a lot today about your experiences working as an undercover narcotics officer. A few of the stories you shared were very scary experiences. What kind of advice would you give someone for keeping calm in fearful situations?

  3. Bridget Kapp says:

    I was really curious about Sgt. Wieneke’s strong interest in the news. She said she listens and reads news all the time, and she used to want to be a photo-journalist. How does her interaction with the news and her previous desire to become a photo-journalist affect her ability to speak with the press or different media outlets?

    Wieneke also touched on her family’s reaction to her double identity. I would have liked to hear more on what they thought and how they kept in touch while she was away.

  4. Matt Beezley says:

    I just wanted to know how much more dangerous and frightening journalists are compared to methamphetamine dealers.

  5. Jordan Durham says:

    I was able to ask a question, but I still found myself wondering as she’s been PIO, how has relaying information to the public changed, especially with her twitter?

    Also, once she puts information on her twitter and we are doing a story on it are we able to print that information automatically if we’re racing again time?

  6. I thought I heard her mention at the very end of today’s interview that she would be appointing new PIO officers. So, I wanted to know what that was all about and if that meant she would no longer be the PIO officer.

    • reedkath says:

      She said they’re creating a PR unit — expanding services. She did not say she’s leaving. She was just promoted to sergeant.
      I think I hear a story…

  7. Sgt. Wieneke mentioned that she felt it was easier to be a woman while undercover because people were less suspicious of women, I wanted to ask if she felt that it was easier to be a woman in any other aspects of her career.

  8. Ryan Cornell says:

    I was going to go from a completely different (maybe more Vox-y) angle and ask something like: ‘What Hollywood cop do you most closely identify with?’ And then lead that up with ‘How do you think the film industry portrays the police force?’

    • reedkath says:

      I love this question. I would ask, “What’s your favorite cop show or movie, and why?”

    • I thought about this too! At one point she mentioned that they do some of the things we see in the movies, but not all the time. My imagination kind of ran wild with that statement (“like bartending in a strip club? maybe jumping from one building to another? and running away from an explosion??”) and I really wanted to know more.

  9. abraxton says:

    I remember her saying that they had to convince her to become a PIO officer. I was wondering what they had to do in order to convince her, and how she had to adjust from her previous job.

  10. When Sgt. Wieneke was describing her work as a police officer she said, “I really like people; I just sometimes don’t like what they do.” I kept wondering how does she keep herself from becoming cynical while facing human malevolence on a day to day basis?

  11. When I was researching Sgt. Wieneke, I found a few stories on both the Missourian and the Tribune’s websites where she had responded to readers’ comments about police actions. I wanted to know how closely she follows readers’ comments and whether she uses the information gained by reading them to make any suggestions or changes with CPD.

  12. It sounded like she has so much experience doing undercover work, and I was wondering how she got so involved with that and if she actually really enjoyed that work or liked the other side of being in the police force more. Especially because it clearly takes a big toll on a person.

  13. Lainie says:

    I wanted to ask, “How did you tell your family you were taking this job?”

  14. She was among some officers who went to the city council a few years ago complaining about unfair promotions based on a sort of spoils system rather than meritocracy. In light of the scandal that led to two officers’ resignations recently (they were having an affair), I wanted to ask her if she was aware of that going on when she and the others complained a few years ago.

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