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The future of journalism (block that myth)

This week in class during grad student presentations, a bulleted sentence popped up on a slide. It said something about the future of journalism being uncertain. And I thought, well, not really. I don’t doubt that journalism will endure. Delivery … Continue reading

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Investigative reporting, demystified

Tuesday, Mark Horvit, executive director of Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE), will come to class and talk about what we mean when we use the words “investigative reporting” and how ordinary journalists can use pretty basic reporting skills to do … Continue reading

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But who’s going to pay for all this journalism??

Tuesday, RJI fellow David Cohn will come to class to talk about the thing we haven’t talked about at all this semester: how to pay for journalism. You know the story: newspaper readership is steadily declining. Audiences stalled or declined … Continue reading

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Save the date: April 21

On Thursday, April 21, Umar Cheema will speak in the Fred Smith Forum at RJI, starting at 7 p.m. Your attendance is required (no class that morning). Here’s why I’m making a fuss: Mr. Cheema is about to win the … Continue reading

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The long and short of it

So, how about that Big Story you’ve been promising your editor and yourself? When we talked about story focus and organization, I mentioned how I had to learn not to think of the novel I was writing as one, massive … Continue reading

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