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Social media are a virtual gold mine for journalists. Let us count the ways.

Now that you have read that post on Mashable, you should have a lot to say to Jake Sherlock tomorrow in class when he comes to talk about this subject.

How have you used social media as a reporting tool?

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4 Responses to Tweet this

  1. Twitter has been great for my personal blog –
    Every day I tweet about whatever new post I’ve written and it has really paid off. I’ve gotten so much more traffic to my site because of it.
    Also, twitter has been a great way to connect with readers, etc

  2. yoobi55 says:

    Here, great example of using social media as a journalistic tool (can relate to number 3-news gathering and research).
    This guy live-tweeted US raid on Osama bin laden. It is significant because he could be considered the first person who reported such a monumental breaking news. And he wasn’t even a reporter. It’s another good reason we should pay attention to social media.

  3. Blake Ursch says:

    I might be stating the obvious, but I’m pretty conflicted about this, especially number 2 (Interviewing). On the one hand, I feel like using Facebook or Twitter to interview a source is kind of cheating. As easy as it is to get the information, you’re getting it through a very narrow window, and not really getting a very clear picture of the kind of person you’re dealing with, which just seems kind of sterile and bland. Also, I think a lot of reporting hinges on developing a tougher skin when it comes to leaving your comfort zone, meeting people, and talking to strangers to find information.

    On the other hand, when dealing with sources who may not necessarily feel comfortable meeting up in person or even on the phone, stripping away all the social ques and nuances that go along with a face-to-face interview might actually help get better information from him or her since they’ll be more comfortable talking at a distance. (I actually had an interview this week that probably would have been much better if we’d done it online). Meh, I feel like I’m rambling. I’ll stop now.

  4. I use social media to report from my phone things that I see. I love the combination of my smart phone and social media, I feel I no longer have to be at a computer desk to tell someone something they might need to know.
    For example my sister and I used twitter recently to post a photo of a car flipped upside down on I -70 in Kansas City. There was a huge accident and the traffic was hectic.
    Friends responded to our tweet and said that they were going to leave for work earlier, and one of our friends even said they were stuck in traffic and didn’t know why.
    It’s a small example but I think to know how social media works really could help in the times when news needs to get out but no one is in the newsroom.

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