It could happen to you!

So, did you hear the one about the college student at the University of Washington who got a bright idea? He developed it: an interview recording and indexing app for the Ipad.

It’s called SoundNote, and it became so popular, he decided to quit school, pay off his student loans and get an apartment in the West Village where he is living a pretty decent life from the app royalties.

He doesn’t even have to endure a roommate.

I share this tale with you for at least two reasons: one, this is something many of you could do with basic programming skills; and two, the app might be worth checking out if you have an Ipad. (I think I’ll go ahead and buy it when I’m done writing this.)

I do not condone dropping out of college. However, I do enthusiastically endorse acts of imagination because even when we fail, we learn something important. Maybe you’ll get rich. Maybe not. But you’ll walk away smarter no matter what.

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