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How one thing leads to another

(or) Where good story ideas come from, a rumination on creativity One of the stories I am most proud of that I did on my first reporting job came from noticing something. I observed that the police in Columbus, Ga., … Continue reading

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Budget lines + codes

A couple of you suggested I post on the blog the codes that go on budget lines. First, here’s a sample budget line from this weekend: EDITED, BUT NEEDS AC CVB-OCA: City Manager Mike Matthes has backed off his idea … Continue reading

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Thank you, sir

Today, via Romenesko, I found this blog post by Greg Linch (a very young, very smart dude who now works at the Washington Post): the Top Ten List of Tips for Journalism Students. It’s a good list, and you should … Continue reading

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What it’s really like (this reporting thing)

Hello, incoming 4450/7450 student/reporter person. We are about to meet face to face. I bet you have a lot of questions. I also bet you’ve heard some stuff about reporting: that it’s hard, the hours are long and those Missourian … Continue reading

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Finding a focus

I’m a couple days late (sorry — recovering from an illness), but here’s what I’d like you to do with your notes and your thoughts from Thursday’s interviewing exercise: Post (in the comments below this) two things: Your thoughts on … Continue reading

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