What’s your handle?

Thanks to Joy Mayer, you all should have a better idea now about how to navigate in the Twitter universe.

Alex Baca, your friend in 4450/7450, had a pretty good idea after class: She thinks everyone/anyone who wants to ought to post their Twitter handle here (in comments below). Makes sense to me.

Mine’s easy: I’m reedkath. But don’t hold your breath: I don’t Tweet often, right now (mainly, I can’t find time to squeeze another thing into my jam-packed life, but if Joy can do it with two little kids and a full-time job I’m guessing I can, too).

So post your handle below, if you like.

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16 Responses to What’s your handle?

  1. Kelly cohen says:

    Love love love twitter. All journalists should have one! @kellycoco34 – follow me and I’ll follow you back for sure!

  2. I am not a big user of Twitter, probably because I don’t really know how to use it… but, after Joy Mayer’s introduction, I guess I should use a past tense! My handle is @KevinDubouis.

  3. Alexandria Baca says:


  4. Emilie Stigliani says:


  5. Alicia Stice says:


  6. I’m more of a facebooker, but I’m all for using twitter more often for journalism!

  7. schacht99 says:


  8. I like twitter to get information and learn about celebrities/athletes; facebook is for social media and personal topics.


  9. Caitlin Lukin says:


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