Where to work

Today in our 11 AM meeting, the graphics editor for The Wall Street Journal, Seth Hamblin, talked about 35 places he would apply for a job today if he were a recent graduate.

We asked him to hand over the list.

(You’re welcome, I’m sure Seth would say.)

Update: But wait, there’s more: After I posted this list, I walked over to the city desk and found a third sheet of notebook paper on the floor. Here are 19 more places to consider: the Brookings Institution; the Pew Research Center; Kaiser Family Foundation; Pro Publica; Gawker; The Onion; The Times of Oman; the South China Morning Post; the Huffington Post (or, now, Le Huffington Post); Rotten Tomatoes; Gamespot; Apple; Verizon; Twitter; Tumblr; Orkut; Facebook; AOL; and Yahoo.

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7 Responses to Where to work

  1. Crystal Herber says:

    The CIA or FBI is one of the places I want to work! Sweet action that its first on his list.

  2. I’m so glad you posted this on the site, I was trying to hard to frantically write all these down while he went through them but he went so fast! I thought it was really interesting getting his perspective on where the most interesting places are to work today.

    • reedkath says:

      I think one sheet of his notebook paper fell on the floor, so I missed one page of his list. I will be adding the rest of the list later.

  3. I’m sad that I missed this!! Interesting list, especially the inclusion of NASA (which is set to have some major layoffs in about a year’s time due to the shutting down of the space program). Since I have no idea what some of these are, it looks like I’ve got some (more) research to do. :o)

  4. kaitlinsteinberg says:

    I definitely almost applied to the CIA during the year after I got my undergrad degree. It’s still something that I think would be an interesting choice for me. Thanks for the info!

    • I can see it Kaitlin!

      One thing to keep in mind is that applications and resumes for government jobs are completely different than what you would put together for civilian jobs. While living in DC I got to know a government HR recruiter who devoted her time specifically to rebuilding resumes so that they would fit the specs the government hiring agencies would look for.

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