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I finally saw the documentary film “Bill Cunningham’s New York” this weekend. Cunningham is the guy who rides a Schwinn bicycle all over New York, day and night, snapping pictures of “street style” and parties for The New York Times. (You can find his work in the Sunday Style section of the Times.)

He’s been doing this for 50 years, and you talk about someone whose work is his life… Cunningham really doesn’t care about much besides fashion. He sees poetry in the way people put their look together, and watching this film I can see what he means.

But the reason I suggest you watch this, sometime (those of you who see fashion as an art), is for what he has to say about his craft. And, by the way, he’s about 80 and still riding that Schwinn, weaving in and out of the cab traffic on busy New York streets, steering with one hand and snapping photos with the other.

Go, Bill!

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4 Responses to For fashionista/journalists

  1. cmsole says:

    I loved this documentary as well — Bill is such an inspiration and his passion admirable. He deeply appreciates and understands the fashion exuded by everyone from socialites to bag ladies. In the film, Bill scoffs at the reporter for calling his street style photography “work”, insisting it’s a hobby. We could all learn a lesson or two from Bill.

  2. Allyus Fritz says:

    I can not imagine being 80 and still being able to ride a bicycle. What he does physically and the pictures that he takes are both pretty remarkable.

  3. asussell1 says:

    I absolutely loved this documentary. I patiently await every Sunday morning for Bill’s “On The Street” audio slideshows; it was wonderful to finally learn about the man behind the camera. One part of the film that particularly interested me was when the filmmaker interviewed the men and women who Bill regularly photographs. These high-profile people in the fashion industry have been photographed by Bill for years and years, yet they never stopped to have a conversation with him. They love Bill, but they have no clue about his private life or his upbringing. Weirdly, the don’t seem too concerned with this fact.

    I think – because I am a nosey and curious journalist – I often forget how some people are simply disinterested with other people’s lives. Journalists have that extra bit of curiosity. I’m so glad for the people in the world who have that yearning for information: it’s in the people who report, who make documentaries and who capture the street styles of New York on their bicycle.

  4. This is GREAT. Thanks so much for sharing, Katherine. I can’t believe that I have never looked into his work or even paid attention to this journalist, who is absolutely inspiring and admirable. Being a fashion journalist is also something that I’m very interested in; his achievement really reminds us the keys to success consist of not only talent but also determination.
    Again, so glad to read something that’s related to fashion here!

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