A profound loss to journalism

Anthony Shadid, the intrepid New York Times foreign correspondent who began covering the Middle East in 1995 for AP, died Thursday.

A brave and brilliant man, Shadid’s death really does mean — and this is not hyperbole — a diminishment of powerful and insightful reporting from one of the most complicated and troubled regions on Earth.

The Times published a life story worthy of a man who left a deep imprint.

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3 Responses to A profound loss to journalism

  1. Xiaonan Wang says:

    Working till the last moment of life is the highest glory of journalists. Shadid is certainly the winner. However, I am also thinking about whether his death would be avoidable if he had taken more care of himself. Why the medication he had didn’t work? Big condolence r his family.

  2. This story reminds me of a play I just went to see and wrote a review on for VoxTalk. The play “Time Stands Still” is about the homecoming of an injured war photographer and her journalist boyfriend. The play does an excellent job of showing what an adjustment it is to return from war, and what effect war has on relationships. Below is a link to the review I wrote. Give it a read because this is a play worth seeing.

    I did find it ironic though that Shadid died of an asthma attack considering his surroundings. Couldn’t this have been avoided in some way? Did he have an inhaler? I am very impressed with how his hard work and dedication as a journalist was captured in this article though. Journalists that are willing to risk their lives to write the truth, I find those people inspiring.

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