Maneater discussion continued

In case you have not read it on the Missourian site, Sandy Davidson has written a fine commentary on free speech.

The letter from the Student Press Law Center to the vice chancellor is also quite instructive about the potential — but now moot — legal action.

Reading both of these will give you insight and a thorough lesson in the broad reach of the First Amendment. Something to take with you to graduation and beyond.

And thank you all for listening and contributing to the excellent discussion Thursday. Should you want to talk more about it, let me know.

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2 Responses to Maneater discussion continued

  1. chrisroll13 says:

    I was thinking about that exact case (Papish), as well as the Hazelwood case, in regard to the Maneater controversy. Personally, I think the Maneater itself should suffer the consequences, not the individual students, i.e. cancel it for the remainder of the semester and resume publication in the fall, once new staff has had a chance to jump on board. But that’s just me.

  2. I also thought of the Papish case and how it relates to the Maneater controversy. I am in Sandy Davidson’s communications law class, and her statements about freedom of speech are absolutely true in regard to the law and how it relates to journalism. But even more intriguing, I think, than Professor Davidson’s commentary on free speech, are the commentary below the published piece. The Maneater is not the only publication or organization or even individual being criticized as a result of this April Fools’ Edition of the Maneater.

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