Another from Nicholas Kristof

He takes on the pope on behalf of nuns (from April 28).

Here’s a sample from the column:

So, Pope Benedict, all I can say is: You are crazy to mess with nuns.

The Vatican issued a stinging reprimand of American nuns this month and ordered a bishop to oversee a makeover of the organization that represents 80 percent of them. In effect, the Vatican accused the nuns of worrying too much about the poor and not enough about abortion and gay marriage.

What Bible did that come from? Jesus in the Gospels repeatedly talks about poverty and social justice, yet never explicitly mentions either abortion or homosexuality. If you look at who has more closely emulated Jesus’s life, Pope Benedict or your average nun, it’s the nun hands down.

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1 Response to Another from Nicholas Kristof

  1. Surprise, Surprise — Kristof brings to light another issue swept under the carpet by many. Being raised as a Catholic, and attending catholic schools from Kindergarten to my senior year of high school, I have had my share of nun educators. Personally, I would think American nuns would be offended by this “makeover” issued by Pope Benedict. I’m sorry, what? Shouldn’t Pope Benedict be concerned with, oh I don’t know, ANYTHING else?

    The Catholic church has had its share of scandals. What I appreciate about Kristof is he doesn’t sugarcoat anything. There have been pedophilia scandals and cover ups to go along with those scandals. The Catholic church has been under a lot of fire. Why would Pope Benedict call out the one organization within the Catholic church that has yet to let down the church with some sort of scandal — the nuns.

    Originally, I thought the American nuns were being “reprimanded,” but after doing some more digging, I came to find that Pope Benedict is not unsatisfied with the American nuns services in the streets, but rather he would prefer that the American nuns just focus more on abortion and homosexual issues.

    Although Kristof does a great job discussing this issue, I think it is important to remember that Kristof is a columnist, and his work is opinionated. When I began to read other articles on the subject, it became clear that the American nuns are not offended by this, but rather, they are devoted to the church. I think this article better explains how the nuns feel about this makeover:

    I think it’s important to look at both sides of the issue, and while I might agree with Kristof, if you keep reading, you will find that if there is one group that isn’t offended by Pope Benedict’s orders, it is the American nuns. Keep reading.

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