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It could happen to anyone

You’re sitting at your desk in the newsroom. An editor walks over with a news release and hands it you, saying, “Hey, write something about this real quick, okay?” What’s your first move? In the case of Morgan Cook, a … Continue reading

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Finding information, fast

How good are you at finding reliable information quickly? A recent study at Illinois Wesleyan University found that the majority of college students can’t perform a “reasonably well-executed search” of the Web, according to Mashable. So it’s nice that Mashable … Continue reading

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Having the desired effect

We talked a little bit today about choosing the right way to tell a story. If what you want to accomplish is to help people really understand how human beings are affected by policies, laws, etc., you ought to be … Continue reading

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I’ve been framed (and hit with a stick)

When I worked as an editor in Prague, I received a phone call from a reporter at the Czech Republic’s biggest daily. She wanted to interview me — and other foreigners — about their reactions to a Czech Easter tradition. … Continue reading

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