Finding information, fast

How good are you at finding reliable information quickly?

A recent study at Illinois Wesleyan University found that the majority of college students can’t perform a “reasonably well-executed search” of the Web, according to Mashable.

So it’s nice that Mashable created a terrific infographic explaining how you can stop wasting keystrokes.

Bookmark that link. Seriously. Tomorrow, Scott and I will be talking about finding information, people and research more quickly and efficiently. We’ll also talk about the powerful and beautiful Sunshine Law.

Be ready to share what you know about great online resources.

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5 Responses to Finding information, fast

  1. kaitlinsteinberg says:

    …right after I finish my lit review. I could have used this link like, a week ago, Katherine. Let’s work with my schedule a little better in the future, shall we?

    Snarkiness aside, that’s a really helpful infographic! Thanks!

  2. I agree with the ladies who have commented above. The infographics were really effective. I tried out a few of their suggestions, just to see how well it worked. I bookmarked the page and, like Kaitlin, wished that you’d posted this earlier in the semester. It’s all right, though, because I’m sure there will be many more opportunities to put this guide to use in the near future.

  3. reedkath says:

    Roxanne and Kaitlin, I would have posted this sooner if it had existed before November 24, 2011. However, it did not.

  4. larmentrout says:

    This is amazing! I hate to admit it, but I have always been terrible when trying to navigate online searches. This looks like a huge help.

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