Welcome, fall reporters!

It’s Day One of the 112 days (yep — I counted the weekends)  you’ll be calling yourself a reporter with the Missourian or Vox (although we hope you’ll like it so much, you’ll come back for more reporting).

I think I’ve managed to update all the documents on this blog, but if you run across something old and dusty please let me know. The documents are at the top of the blog, under the photo. You will find everything you need (and some of these you already have in your packet) including the syllabus, the lecture schedule, the grading rubric and an explanation of the multimedia project and its grading.

Be sure to read all of these documents carefully because you are responsible for what’s in them.

Don’t be afraid; it’s going to be fun.

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1 Response to Welcome, fall reporters!

  1. Sasu says:

    An article of interest…
    Hello all. Here’s a New York Times article that I came across this afternoon, which I thought would be of interest to all…


    It discusses how an enormous demand for online content is compromising journalistic integrity-definitely relevant stuff for our class.

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