Thank you, Mr. DeRosa

We will be talking about social media pretty much all semester, in terms of gathering news, sharing it and learning from other people’s work.  The resources out there are varied and rich, and the questions raised can be troubling, challenging and exciting.

So this nice guy from Reuters, Anthony DeRosa, did a very simple, very cool thing: He created a Google doc that people can contribute to called “The Public Cheat Sheet: Social Media for News” (and you can thank your classmate, Kari Paul, for finding it and sharing it with us).

It’s pretty impressive, and if you can find a few minutes to spend with it I am sure you will find it useful. I sure did.

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1 Response to Thank you, Mr. DeRosa

  1. ashleyamb3rh says:

    Thanks for posting “The Public Cheat Sheet: Social Media for News”. It is very helpful!

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