Five words and two numbers: a 9/11 story

We talked in class today about the challenge we sometimes face as reporters of telling old stories in new ways. One of those kinds of stories is the “anniversary story.”

I hereby submit that there isn’t a reader on the planet who could read this extraordinary story from the Stamford Advocate and say to him/herself, “Oh, yawn, another 9/11 story.”

Here’s why: The story has intimacy through details. It uses quotes masterfully (note how the writer, John Breunig, employs repetition in a particularly powerful quote from the widow). The story holds back on what’s in that note just long enough to build suspense without feeling manipulative.

I think you’ll find that it makes you give real thought to the enduring pain of 9/11 for the families who lost loved ones that day so many years ago. And that’s what a great anniversary story should do.

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  1. Alexis says:

    Reblogged this on Reporting Life and commented:
    Had to reblog. This is an incredible piece.

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