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Does an online source pass the SMELL test?

We talked briefly Tuesday about the challenge of vetting sources. I said a website called SourceWatch can sometimes be helpful, though it does have a progressive tilt. Recently, Mediashift published a piece I really like. In it, John McManus, writes … Continue reading

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40 Words to Watch

Thursday, we talked about how to break the habit of defaulting to text when there are so many (better) ways to convey information, especially when preparing a “report” versus a “story.” Here’s that list of words that should prompt a … Continue reading

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We write to be read. Right?

Do I have your attention? Good. Why am I writing like this? I want you to stay here. I don’t want your mind to wander to Facebook or Twitter or whatever. So I will: write short sentences use lots of … Continue reading

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Is an email interview worthy of being called an interview?

I have never liked email interviews. Sources’ responses to questions end up sounding like press release quotes, and you don’t actually, truly know whether the answers are coming from the actual interviewee, or a handler. That’s why at the Missourian, … Continue reading

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Storytellers and story-tellers

Meghan Eldridge talked briefly today in class about her experience at Booche’s, how she spent time hanging out with the person she wanted to talk to (and how a reporter from the Trib called on the phone and was shut … Continue reading

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An extraordinarily well-sourced story

Sunday is my big reading day because I have time to spend with longer pieces. Sometimes, it feels like a chore. Other times — yesterday, for example — it was quite the opposite, thanks to the New York Times’ cover … Continue reading

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