Storytellers and story-tellers

Meghan Eldridge talked briefly today in class about her experience at Booche’s, how she spent time hanging out with the person she wanted to talk to (and how a reporter from the Trib called on the phone and was shut down). We talked about “sources” versus “people” and how important it is to remember that storytelling is a collaborative experience (though clearly there are times when we just need a piece of information in order to pass it on to the people who need it).

Finding the right people for stories can be a real challenge. And probably we should budget more time for failure (and should expect it).

Thursday, we’ll talk about finding people, and we’ll take a close look at a package of stories Vox published last December called “Against the Odds.”  Sara Shipley Hiles, who oversaw this project, will be with us to talk about the work that went into it on the front end. That process was painstaking and illustrates how important it is for us as storytellers to be patient and (here’s that word again) methodical about finding story-tellers.

Read as many of those short “Against the Odds” pieces as you can before Thursday; it will make the discussion far more interesting.

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2 Responses to Storytellers and story-tellers

  1. akenya says:

    Thanks, Katherine, for posting this! I was MIA in class this morning (ouch!) due to unanticipated delays in reporting the Fifth Ward Special elections earlier today. Where I come from, folks usually don’t take things for granted. So, please, accept my apologies. Thanks, Valentine Lamar

    • reedkath says:

      No problem, Valentine. Thanks for the note, and I hope you’ll have a chance to read the Adderall story I posted on the blog.

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