Welcome, summer reporter!

The first summer session is about to start, and I bet you’re wondering what this is going to be like. You may even have a few butterflies in your stomach, and that’s okay. Lots of people do.

You are about to experience an entirely different kind of class. Some of our former students say it helps to think about the Missourian or Vox experience from the very beginning as a part-time job.  I like to tell people to make the Missourian their default location for the short time they’re with us. It doesn’t guarantee success, but it sure makes it more likely.

I remember distinctly how hard I thought this class was when I took it in the 1980s (before you were born). My editor seemed to think I was an idiot. But then I did a really good story, and I remember him saying loudly, for everyone in the newsroom to hear, “Yep — Trimarco’s a professional, now.” (Trimarco was my name before I got married and simplified it to Reed.)

And then that story helped me get my first job. Yes, this is a testimonial. Seriously, this Missouri Method thing works, like it or not.

Whether you become a reporter or a photographer or a designer or go to work for a nonprofit organization, this class will strengthen your critical thinking skills, teach you how to vet sources of information, and improve your ability to work on deadline. You’ll also become a better interviewer, a better writer and a more interesting person. I swear.

So jump in with both feet. Be brave, as my colleague Elizabeth Brixey likes to say. It will pay off.

Let’s go!

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