Hello, new reporter

You’re about to get started on your semester-long reporting adventure. But where to begin?

Right here. Look up and you’ll see a bunch of links to stuff you will need or want this semester. Start with the syllabus, which you received at orientation but may have not taken the time to read. So do that, and then check out the grading rubric and the lecture schedule. Then have a look at the reporter’s checklist and get started on that, if you can. (Have you subscribed to this blog and acknowledged the verification email WordPress sent you? That’s important.)

Start thinking in questions. What is unclear? What do you want to know more about? Do you understand, for example, our guidelines on how you will use social media this semester?

Becoming conscious of your questions as you read and think is step one of becoming a reporter. Begin today. And good luck this semester — it’s going to be fun, whether you know it right now or not.

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