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Discerning the truth in a world of punditry and sourc-ery

I’m throwing the lecture schedule out the window this week to bring a guest to class tomorrow and to let us all tune into an event on Thursday. Tomorrow, Aaron Sharockman, the editor of, a project of the Tampa … Continue reading

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Finding the space (and time) to breathe

I wish we’d had a few extra minutes Tuesday in class so Lynn Rossy could have led you all in a brief meditation practice. I’ve used this recording on and off for a while when I just need to bring … Continue reading

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Carol Loomis retires at 85, and people still ask her: Why now?

We chatted briefly this morning about that thing Greg Moore said about journalists not being as valuable after 40 (and I still don’t see the comparison between football players and ballet dancers), and then I saw this Q&A with Carol … Continue reading

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Staying on top of the news (without letting it weigh you down)

As journalists, we are expected to stay informed. We ignore the news at our peril. But if we give it our full attention it bums us out. I know when I first realized that being bummed out all the time … Continue reading

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Some headlines leave nothing to the imagination

And sometimes a Tweet is all you need.

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‘Ink in the veins’: Great books by former reporters

Just a reminder: If you hope to be a great writer someday, you really have to read great writers. More specifically, if you imagine yourself someday doing long-form work — really immersing yourself in a subject — read great non-fiction … Continue reading

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