Some headlines leave nothing to the imagination

And sometimes a Tweet is all you need.

Your Moment of Zen Head

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3 Responses to Some headlines leave nothing to the imagination

  1. jhdg8 says:

    Katherine, I have a question. I find that most of us tend to use the lead of our story for social media, is it a good idea? I think there are mainly two kinds of social media post: one is the lead and link to the story, the other one is just the summary of the story, which one might be better? For breaking news, I think concise brief might work, but for feature stories or soft news, is leaving some imagination space a better idea?

  2. reedkath says:

    I think that many times, your Tweet shouldn’t be your lead. It should add value, be more conversational and give a sense of the story without giving everything away. It could even be a question — or a comment on the process. But I’m going to ask Joy Mayer to weigh in on this, too. Thanks for the question!

  3. Joy Mayer says:

    That’s a great question. I think it depends on the type of story and the “voice” of the Twitter account. What’s going to get people to click? For some stories, you want the most important facts. For others, it’s more effective to think about what in a story will make someone feel or share. That’s my biggest suggestion for you guys — think about what you’d click on or share, or what your mom would click on or share. So if you have a story about things to do this weekend, you could write a tweet saying there’s a festival that starts at 10 a.m. Or you could write a tweet about how it’ll be 72 degrees at 10 a.m. and ask people what THEY’LL be doing to celebrate. See what I mean? On the other hand, if you have a basic news story, it’s often not a great idea to try to get clever.

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