Finding the space (and time) to breathe

I wish we’d had a few extra minutes Tuesday in class so Lynn Rossy could have led you all in a brief meditation practice. I’ve used this recording on and off for a while when I just need to bring my stress level down (quickly) during the day, or waiting for a delayed airplane to take off (as if my stressing about it is going to make the plane leave sooner — what a waste of energy!).

I also wish someone had urged me to try meditation much earlier in my life. It has beneficial effects that have been validated by science and is much healthier than slamming a drink when you feel overwhelmed.

I hope you’ll try it.

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2 Responses to Finding the space (and time) to breathe

  1. I too wish we had some time to do some meditation in class. I will definitely be trying this and blogging about it!

  2. Michael J. Mandell says:

    As someone who has had a very stressed out week, I found that these meditation strategies have really helped calmed me down tonight. I have spend the past few days unnecessarily worried about some trivial things, and I have managed to get some of these things out of my mind. I will definitely consider using them again in the future.

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