Framing the natural gas ‘boom’

Thursday in class, Scott talked about two stories that frame the natural gas boom in entirely different ways. Here’s what he asks that you do:

Please take a look at these two stories about the natural gas boom in Texas. You’ll find both of them to be examples of excellent journalism (I hope), but you’ll also find that they couldn’t be more different in terms of the way the stories are framed.

Once you’ve read them, please write a post on your blog with observations about how the approach, the sourcing, the writing, the photography and other elements of the story packages contribute to the frame. In the Texas Monthly piece, you might also pay attention to how the advertising plays with the package.

Here’s the link to the Center for Public Integrity story, called “Big Oil, Bad Air.”

And here’s a PDF of the Texas Monthly story, “Y’all Smell That? That’s the Smell of Money.”

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