Ethics and other considerations

What Katie Kull had to say about Aidan White’s talk today… Did you blog about it too? Please share.

Katie Kull

Today in reporting lecture, I got to hear from guest speaker Aidan White, a former journalist and now the director of an organization called the Ethical Journalism Network (EJN), that promotes, “ethics, good governance, and regulation of media content.” 

The mission is just one stroke of the whole painting. In a world where information is disseminated quickly, where the “race to be first” dominates newsrooms and the lack of filtered, accurate content plagues social media sites and confuses media consumers, we as journalists need to take a step back and reevaluate our job.

During the lecture today in a frantic mess of scrawl at the top of my notebook, I wrote in all capital letters:


Well, it isn’t. But what does free expression mean? What makes a ‘free express-er’ different from the journalist that publishes the information? White says that in order to answer those questions, we need to…

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