Where does news come from?

What Bekah has to say about where news comes from is worth reading. (Thanks for sharing, Bekah.)

News Reporting 4450

One of my favorite things about my circle of friends here at Mizzou is that we all have knowledge of different things. I’m friends with a lot of j-school students, but we differ in our emphasis areas and our sequences. The difference between News Reporting and Strat Comm seems like night and day, and as we go further into our areas, we start to learn the lingo, the specific jargon and vernacular specific to our fields. And I love it.

I’m also, importantly, friends with people who are not in the j-school. This is very important, because I often need an outside hand to lift me out of the vicious cycle that my journalism stress sometimes becomes- pitches, GA shifts, multimedia projects, (I have legitimate nightmares about using Final Cut), over and over again until I’m crying outside of RJI. (Don’t act like this hasn’t happened to you.) So I…

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