The Newsroom game : take the ball and run with it

What Kaley has to say about having the courage to pitch an idea is very much worth reading.


“Somebody raise your hand and tell me how we can cover kickoff this Saturday in a way we haven’t done it already.”

The room is dead silent. Everyone looks around or at their shoes, anything to avoid making eye contact with the man standing in front of us, who is staring holes in each of our heads.

“Just throw out an idea, any idea.”

Still silence. Someone drops a pen. The other editors are starting to hone in on each of us too, building the pressure to come up with an original idea.

The editor finally sighs and shrugs. “If you come up with anything, that would be great.”

I don’t know anything about football. I know, it’s un-American, but I grew up in St. Louis, where baseball reigns supreme. I went to every football game my freshman year and had someone explain it to me every time. Eventually, I…

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