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One you’ve never heard of: Perry Jones, 19, killed by the police

Every time a black person gets killed by a cop in America, I think about Perry Jones. He was 19 years old and apparently homeless when he climbed onto the roof of a barbecue shack in Columbus, Georgia, shimmied down … Continue reading

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The problem (and perils) of “false equivalence”

On Thursday in class, we’re going to talk with Scott Swafford and Gareth Harding about election and “Brexit” coverage and the differences in how U.S.-trained and European journalists cover politics.We’ll wade into the very murky waters of the “false equivalence” … Continue reading

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Knowing how to find stuff (is half the battle)

Matt Dulin shared a bunch of tips and tools last week in class. Here they are. And now there is no excuse for you to not develop super ninja search skills. Thanks, Matt! And thanks Joy Mayer and everyone else … Continue reading

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