Yes, we do want to know what you think

You’ve been a reporter, now, for at least one semester. You’ve called total strangers on the telephone or walked up to them on the street and asked them questions, sometimes sensitive ones. You’ve asked them to share personal stories with you, sometimes painful ones.

You’re still somewhat new to this journalism thing, so you’re (hopefully) not cynical, yet, or not too cynical to have some pretty worthwhile ideas about this battle we’re in right now for the public’s trust, which is closely linked in many people’s minds to the survival and health of our democracy.

So we want to know what you think:

What is the greatest threat to journalism right now?

What we can do about it, and what makes you think that might work?

Oh, and before you write, maybe you want to engage in some useful procrastination. Have a look at this amazing thing The Oatmeal did.

The Oatmeal header

Sorry about the bad words, but this is brilliant. It’s part of the puzzle.

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3 Responses to Yes, we do want to know what you think

  1. editorliz says:

    This Oatmeal thing is fantastic!

  2. Ah, I love the oatmeal–one of my five staples for putting a smile on my face when I really need it…and at times wonderfully insightful (like here). Thanks for linking to it.

  3. raoulworks says:

    Good article , loved it

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