Journalism’s Ultimate Foe

Great advice. Thank you.

Reading Writing Reporting

This week in lecture, we Missourian reporters were presented with a set of important questions to answer, questions that have a multitude of different answers and solutions.

The question that everyone probably has an answer for: What is the greatest threat to journalism right now?

The even more difficult question: What can we do about it, and what makes us think that might work?

I’m fairly certain that most American journalists will say the current administration is the problem, and now that government officials can simply label something as fake news when it displeases them, it’s become harder and harder to convince people of the truth.

I agree, being despised and labeled as the enemy by the government is a definite problem. But there’s something else we as journalists should be equally concerned about, something we often overlook:

One of the biggest threats to journalism can, in fact, be journalists.

I imagine…

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