Alejandra, thank you. This is terrific. And now I have to go hunt down “The Shadow of the Sun” (a hyperlink would be great right there!).

Alejandra Arredondo

On Tuesday at class we were asked to think about what we consider the greatest threat to journalism right now.

I come from a country where ours is considered a dangerous profession; almost all Colombian journalists I admire either live outside of the country, like Daniel Coronell who now works at Univision, or have to live with a strong security network.

Like many other Colombians who’ve had the privilege of studying outside the country, I’ve been struggling between going back after I finish my degree and sort of  ‘give back’ or staying abroad, where circumstances are easier.

If I had to answer that questions regarding the journalism I grew up to and I’ve seen most of my life, I would say the greatest threat to journalism right now is power and dishonesty.

Three media companies owned by three of the richest men in the country control more than half of…

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