This could all end with me throwing typewritten pages out the window to random passersby

I’ve stopped sharing on Facebook (it’s a trust, issue), except when absolutely necessary in the name of reporting, and I can’t spend too long on Twitter without wanting to curl up into a ball under my desk (it’s scary, out there). I keep visualizing myself about five years from now typing by candlelight on a manual Olivetti and leaving the pages on the sill of an open window where the wind can decide which way they go and, hence, who will get them. My feelings about technology and what it’s doing for/to us are very mixed.

But for now, I’m planning to hit the “publish” button on this friendly old blog of mine in just a few minutes. I’ve missed this old blog of mine. I miss having the space to write about journalism and other stuff.

In the two years since I mothballed this blog, a lot has changed. The world is crazier than ever. Journalism is still struggling to regain the public’s trust (some people are doing some very cool stuff on that subject). In practical terms, the most important thing that has happened is that I started using an online course management tool to talk to my students. I used to do that here. I still have a lot to say to journalism students, and I hope they (you?) will still read these posts, from time to time.

But that isn’t going to be the primary purpose of This is going to be a space where I can shout from the mountaintop (into the wind, maybe) about complicated issues related to journalism and reporting on traumatic events, more specifically, that I want to spout off about. I hope you’ll spout back.

Let’s go.


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