About me

Photo on 5-1-15 at 2.18 PMI have been a journalist for most of the past 30 years. I’ve worked as a reporter, copy editor, film and theater reviewer and managing editor. I came here from Prague in the Czech Republic, where I was the editor of the English-language business weekly, Prague Business Journal.

I became a faculty member at the Missouri School of Journalism in 2004, and I’ve been the public safety editor at the Missourian since 2005. I’ve also led our health care coverage for a number of years.  I have done some training through the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma at Columbia  University in New York and have been working to bring much of what I’ve learned there into the reporting class. I also teach a class on covering traumatic events.

Away from the newsroom, I’m still a serious moviegoer (seven years as a film reviewer for a newspaper changed me forever) and a huge fan of the True/False documentary film festival. I also like to run and ride on the MKT, especially when it’s not 90-plus or 20 degrees outside.

My husband is David Reed, who is also a journalist and is the program director for the Alfred Friendly Fellows program. We like to take our slightly crazy Catahoula/border collie with us wherever we go. He’s adorable. But nuts (the dog, that is).