Cut and paste into an email, when sending content to a source, so the person will understand the parameters.

 Please see the following summary of our accuracy check policy:

It is the Missourian’s policy that accuracy checks be made with quoted and paraphrased material through the attributable source. This policy is for checking the accuracy of a statement, not its wording or manner of writing, unless the manner distorts or misrepresents the accuracy of the material attributed to the source.

As always, the wording of paraphrased portions may change during the editing process, but the overall tone, structure and content will remain.

My assigning editor will be brought into the process of resolving any discrepancies between you and me over the accuracy of a statement, either paraphrased or quoted, after your initial response.

Please indicate with a return reply any corrections or an acknowledgment that the information is correct.

CQ policy

For Missourian, Vox, and all other Missourian-affiliated publications

A CQ is a kind of seal of credibility — it means that the name written has been double- or triple-checked for accuracy. It forms a kind of compact between the originating writer and other editors. It says, “Yes, this name is verified.”

Here are the items that must be CQ’d:

  • Proper names — even those that are common and well known, such as the mayor’s. Don’t just ask a source to spell the name; read it back or, if it’s an in-person interview, show the spelling from your notebook. Wherever possible, the names should be verified from a second source. If you got the name during an interview, try to find it in a directory or other trustworthy Remember: not all Internet sources are created equal.
  • Proper titles.
  • Phone numbers. A CQ means you actually called the number to test it.
  • Web addresses. A CQ here means you copied the address and tested it in a Web browser.
  • E-mail addresses. A CQ here means you sent a test e-mail to the address and the e-mail didn’t bounce back.

Your grade may be lowered if an article, caption, or headline requires a correction in any of those categories and it was determined that a CQ had not been performed.

Exceptions to the CQ policy will be made in the event of breaking news.