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And Swafford sayeth: Let the sun shine

Folks, Thanks for your attention during this morning’s lecture on the Sunshine Law. This is a reminder that you’ve been assigned to draft a Sunshine request seeking public records from a city, county, school district or state agency. These should … Continue reading

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Fun with framing (and fracking)

Scott gave you two stories to read last week about the fracking boom. One, ” Y’all Smell That? That’s the Smell of Money,” was published in Texas Monthly in October 2014. The other, “Fracking Boom Spews Toxic Air Emissions on Texas … Continue reading

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Recrafting leads

Folks, Apologies for the tardy post, but you’ll recall that on Thursday Katherine asked each of you to pick one of the leads that you’ve written this summer and rewrite it to make it better. You might also want to … Continue reading

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