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A story about a baseball player, a little girl and a difficult ethical decision

Some ethical decisions are pretty easy: turning down gifts from sources. Tweaking a quote to make it just a little more perfect. Pretending to be someone you’re not to get into a trauma victim’s hospital room (yes, this stuff really … Continue reading

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Recrafting leads

Folks, Apologies for the tardy post, but you’ll recall that on Thursday Katherine asked each of you to pick one of the leads that you’ve written this summer and rewrite it to make it better. You might also want to … Continue reading

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Fun with framing (and fracking)

Scott gave you two stories to read about the fracking boom. One, ” Y’all Smell That? That’s the Smell of Money,” was published in Texas Monthly in October 2014. The other, “Fracking Boom Spews Toxic Air Emissions on Texas Residents,”   was … Continue reading

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Welcome, summer session I reporters!

You’re about to take the plunge into a completely different kind of class. Come to think of it, “class” might not be the best way to describe the experience you’re about to have. You’re about to become a reporter, with lots … Continue reading

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Journalism is its own greatest enemy, and Donald Trump is its new best friend.

Originally posted on A Missourian In Training:
In light of the current presidential administration’s accusations of “fake news,” many Americans worry about the security of press freedom. With White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer literally declaring war on the media,…

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Journalism’s Ultimate Foe

Originally posted on Reading Writing Reporting:
This week in lecture, we Missourian reporters were presented with a set of important questions to answer, questions that have a multitude of different answers and solutions. The question that everyone probably has an…

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Originally posted on Alejandra Arredondo:
On Tuesday at class we were asked to think about what we consider the greatest threat to journalism right now. I come from a country where ours is considered a dangerous profession; almost all Colombian…

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Yes, we do want to know what you think

You’ve been a reporter, now, for at least one semester. You’ve called total strangers on the telephone or walked up to them on the street and asked them questions, sometimes sensitive ones. You’ve asked them to share personal stories with … Continue reading

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If the story isn’t part of the solution, it might just be part of the problem

We’ve been reading and talking about C.J. Chivers’ Pulitzer Prize-winning feature, “The Fighter,” and one of the insights you heard was related to his use of first person in the story and the justification of that later, when he plays … Continue reading

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One great sentence (that we should have talked about…)

We missed one. Nieman Storyboard didn’t. What makes it so good?  

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