DIY links

There are some great resources on line for learning just about everything you need to know to begin to do multimedia stories. How far you go and experimental you decide to be is entirely up to you.

  • You’ve maybe heard of MediaStorm for its great work, but the organization also has lots of online tutorials. (Just spend some time exploring the site, and you’ll see some great stuff under the resources tab.)
  • Here’s a great online tutorial from the Knight Digital Media Center (it takes some time to get through, but it’s worth it).
  • Here are the 10 Commandments of Audio Recording, which a producer at KBIA gave me many years ago. I’ve revised them as I’ve used them over the years.

1. Thou shalt always record at least one minute of ambient or “natural” sound.

2. Thou shalt keep the mic in the same place when recording that ambience.

3. Thou shalt not walk on the end of sound bites (don’t overlap pieces of audio by leaving too little air or some other kind of bridge between pieces).

4. Thou shalt always wear headphones while recording; you must be able to hear the quality of the audio you’re getting.

5. Thou shalt shun the evil hums of fluorescent lights, computers and refrigerators; ask your subject to move to a quieter place.

6. Thou shalt attempt not to interview people with music in the background, unless the music is integral to the story and the subject can still be heard.

7. Thou shalt always record the subject pronouncing his/her name and title (but you do not necessarily use this in your piece).

8. Thou shalt always check the recording before departing a story scene.

9. Thou shalt mic close to the interview subject, to the left or right of the mouth to avoid “pops” (but don’t let the subject hold the mic!).

10. Thou shalt beware the verbal affirmation, like, “mm hmm,” and “uh-huh,” and “ohhh!”.

Some links from Katy Culver, who teaches at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication and is an adjunct faculty member at Poynter.

Here are some sites you can visit to find compelling multimedia projects:


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