The grad project

Requirements and suggestions for the 7450 research project

Graduate students are required to complete an extra research project. Ideas are approved in the first four weeks of class. Projects are presented to faculty and fellow students the week after Thanksgiving break.


The project should undertake to explore a fundamental theory in journalism and examine its application in the real world. How does this particular theory “play out” in the way a news organization handles a particular process or story, for example? Or in how the public behaves or responds to the news? The project should delve deeply into the example(s) by first, delving into the literature on the theory, explaining how the example(s) were chosen, include interviews with journalism practitioners who have or had a role in the example, if possible, and present findings and/or a conclusion. The project should include a bibliography.

The project must then be presented by all the participants.


The project is weighted at 30 points total: 10 points for the proposal and 20 points for the presentation. You must participate in the presentation or forfeit the 20 points.

TEAMS: No more than three on a team without instructor approval.

 SUGGESTIONS: The best projects reflect thoughtful analysis of the theory and its application and endeavor to provoke thought about best practices.

 NOTE: A failing grade on this project will result in failure of the course.


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