The grading rubric

As you will see, the grading rubric assesses your work throughout the summer session, emphasizing getting a quick start in the newsroom, creating and sharing content that resonates with audiences and developing the ability to take on greater challenges. Please download, print and read this document thoroughly before you give it to your editor when you sit down for your first progress review.


Student is consistently punctual, reliable, conscientious and prepared to work each day scheduled. (15 points)

Student completed reporter’s checklist. (5 points)

Student is taking portraits of sources as often as possible. (5 points)

Student completed the Sunshine request assignment successfully. (5 points)

Student prepares appropriately to do reporting by searching archives, making notes and doing other “homework” in advance of reporting.  (10 points)

Student routinely generates his/her own ideas.  (10 points)

Student’s reporting reflects careful research, writing and critical thinking.  (10 points)

Student’s writing requires increasingly less editing for style, organization and word choice.  (10 points)

Student shows a growing ability and willingness to do complex assignments. (10 points)

Student consistently turns in accurate copy. (10 points)

Student correctly prepares work for publication in Blox; dependably adds summaries, hyperlinks and keywords; and writes budget lines in appropriate format. (5 points)

Student regularly uses Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to share visuals, connect with audiences and to promote his/her work. (15 points)

 Student created a lively and interesting blog/e-portfolio and posted on it several times each week throughout the summer session. (10 points)

Student participates in discussions in class and on the reporting class blog. (     (10 points)

Student produces a variety of journalism every week (including articles, briefs, life stories, videos) and at least two centerpieces during the seven-week session.  (30 points)

Student successfully shot and shared video on social media.  (20 points)

Total points possible: 180

 Attendance at every lecture is required (minus one free pass, which allows you to miss class for any reason). Beyond that, you will lose an escalating number of points for each absence, as follows:

  • Second absence: Minus 5 points.
  • Third absence: Minus 7 points (total of 12 points lost).
  • Fourth absence: Minus 10 points (total of 22 points lost).
  • Fifth absence: Minus 15 points (total of 37 points lost).
  • Sixth absence: Minus 25 points (total of 62 points lost).
  • Seventh absence: At this point, you will have failed the course.

Remember: This is a condensed version of the 16-week reporting class, so you are expected to be available for reporting all seven weeks and on some weekends. Please speak to an instructor before making any travel plans that might diminish your availability. And remember, if you tell a fib to run off to a music festival, we will see all of your selfies on social media.